Heidi Leverty, Fine Art Photography
Searching for the unique in the seemingly ordinary

Canadian Fine Art Photographer, Heidi Leverty pursues a body of work which is abstract in approach, but documentary in presentation. Focusing on capturing transient moments, in the industrial world, in everyday objects, or in nature, her intention is to portray the unique and extraordinary in the seemingly ordinary.


In her main portfolio, “Outbox”, she aims at photographs, powerful enough to create public awareness of recycling. The focus is on the transient state between refuse and recycled material. Bales of shredded paper, cartons, boxes of varied hues, plastics of various origins, twisted coils of tin, towers of iron and bales of fine meshed wire, giving way to a collage of life in which we all take part.

In “Tales from the Sea”, she captured ephemeral figures that emerge from the waves passing over black and white volcanic sand. Her long-standing interest for those rare transient moments, often a product of chance, is also to be seen in “Sea Calligraphy” and “Dunes”.

“Stages of Life” is more classic in approach, reflecting Heidi’s first period as a visual artist.

Born in Italy Heidi Leverty lives in Toronto, She studied Fine Art Photography at Ontario College of Art graduating with honours .

From mastering a large-format field camera and developing her photos in her own darkroom, Heidi went through many evolutions of photographic techniques and is now using a digital camera.

Heidi’s work is featured internationally in galleries, magazines, private collections and through the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs in embassies around the world. She was chosen to represent Canada as one of a small number of Canadian visual artists at the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai, China.

Heidi's work is appealing to a wide range of settings ...